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NL0204   Carved Cowry Pelican
NL0210   Carved Cowry Praying Hands
NL0207   Carved Cowry Seahorse
CT0002.   Carved Cowry Sealife Designs With Name
NL0206   Carved cowry W/ Sea Gulls
NL0313   Carved Dolphin Tiger Cowry
NL0353   Carved Eagle Tiger Cowry
NL0316   Carved Owl Tiger Cowry
NL0354   Carved Roadrunner Tiger Cowry
NL0317   Carved Sea Turtle Tiger Cowry
NL0299   Carved Shark Tiger Cowry
NL0378   Carved Tiger Cowry
SS0819   Carved Voluta Nobilis
Ct0015   Carved Zodiac on Tiger Cowry
SS0351   Cassis Areola
SS0034   Cassis Bandatum
SS0008-2s   Cassis Cornuta #2's
SS0008   Cassis Cornuta - Yellow Helmet
SS0015   Cassis Cornuta 2ND Class
SS0532   Cassis Glaucum - Grey Bonnet
SP4000   Cassis Madagascarensis 10-10.5"
SS0093   Cassis Pila
SS0523   Cassis Rufa
SS0860   Cassis Tuberosa
SS0860-2s   Cassis Tuberosa #2's 6-8"
SS0094   Cassis Vibex
CatsPaw   Cats Paw 6-9"
SS0250   Cebu Beauty
SS0250-C   Cebu Beauty Center Cut
SS0249   Cebu Beauty Half Cut
SS0211-W   Center Cut White Chula
SS0639   Center Cut Mitra
SS0057-C   Center Cut Strombus Pugillus
SS0006   Cerithium Aluco
SS0006-C   Cerithium Aluco Center Cut
SS0255   Cerithium Cingulata
SS0910   Cerithium Sulcata
SS0252   Cerithium Vertagus
SS0252-CC   Cerithium Vertagus Center Cut
SS0023   Chambered Nautilus Natural Whole
SS0220   Chambered Nautilus Pearled Whole
SS0630   Charonia Variegata- Triton Trumpet- #2's SALE SALE SALE
SS0808   Cherry Landsnail
LP11   Chevy License Plate
SP87   Chicoreus Celinamarumai
SP633   Chicoreus Cichoreum White 68mm
Jewelry21   Childs silver 12" necklace
SS0873   Chione Cancellata - Clam
BR0185   Chip W/ Beads Bracelet
SP200   Chlamys Sentis
SN3133   Christian Fish Symbol Necklace Black or White
SS0499   Chylma Lazarius (Jewel Box )
SN0044   Clam Rose Assorted Colors 18 inch
SS0553-D   Clam Rose Dyed
DW2285   Clam Rose Hanging Seahorse
SN1450   Clam Rose With Brown and Tan Coco Heishi
SN1460   Clam Rose With Multi Colors Coco Heishi
SN1462   Clam Rose With Violet & Red Coco Heishi Necklace
SN1445   Clam Rose With Violet Coco Heishi Necklace
SS0553-K   Clamrose Halves By The Kilo
DS4002   Clear Plastic Display Stand
ClusterCoral   Cluster Coral 3-5"
ClusterCoral-5   Cluster Coral 5-7"
ClusterCoral-7   Cluster Coral 7-8"
SS0814   Cockle Baby Halves
SN3524   Coco & Shell Belt
SN3526   Coco & Shell Belt
BC2192   Coco Ball Bamboo Chime 40 cm
BC2193   Coco Ball Bamboo Chime 40 cm
SN2104   Coco Bead Necklace W/ Shark Tooth 18"
SN2112   Coco Bead Necklace W/ Shark Tooth 18"
SN2117   Coco Bead Necklace W/ Shark Tooth 18"
SN2118   Coco Bead Necklace W/ Shark Tooth 18"
CH2252   Coco Captain With Black Suit
CH2234   Coco Country Monkey- Smiley
CH2234-WH   Coco Country Monkey- Smiley W/ Hat
CH0162   Coco Explorer Girl
CH2220   Coco Head Hairy Man
CH2221   Coco Head Lady With Big Lips
SN0890   Coco Heishi Assorted Colors With Clam Rose
CH0107   Coco Hippie Bank
CH2185   Coco Hula Girl
SaleBaskets   Coco Midrib Baskets
CH2238   Coco Monkey All Black Whole Body
CH0126   Coco Painted Turtle
CH2206   Coco Pirate
CH2254   Coco Sea Captain
CH2150   Coco Zulu Warrior
SN2116   Coco/White CLam Bead Necklace W/ Shark Tooth 18"
CH2204   Coconut Man w/ Red Shorts
CP0170   Coconut Black Gorilla Head
CP0166   Coconut Head of Old Salty
SN0036-38   Coconut Heishi With Shark Tooth
CH0110   Coconut Mom With Two Babies
CH0115   Coconut Pirate Drink Holder
CH0112   Coconut Pirate Drink Holder Necklace
CP0118   Coconut Pirate Heads Assorted
CH0117   Coconut Tikki Cup Holder
CH2180   Coconut Tourist
CH2181   Coconut Tourist, Female
SS0238   Codakia Tigerina Natural Halves
SS0238-K   Codakia Tigerina Natural Halves By kilo
SS0333-3   Codakia Tigerina Polished Halves 3"+
SS0333   Codakia Tigerina Polished Pairs
SB0003   Codakia Tigerina Shell Pack
SS0334   Codakia Tigerina-Scallop Design
SW0769   Colored Placuna 20x20
SW2544   Colored Placuna Strip Triangle 6.5x12
SS0297   Combella Black
SS0423   Cone Mix
REBEL-06   Confederate Flag Necklace
REBEL-07   Confederate Flag Necklace
REBEL-005   Confederate Flag Necklaces
Regel-Patch   Confederate Flag Patch 2X3 inch
SS0578   Conus Aristophanes
SS0459   Conus Australis
SP247   Conus Betulinus
SS0071   Conus Betulinus
SS0561   Conus Chaldeus
SP104   Conus Circumcisus
SS0522   Conus Distans
SS0463   Conus Ebraeus - Hebrew Cone
SS0464   Conus Eburneus
SS0567   Conus Episcopus
SS0067   Conus Figulinus
SS0088   Conus Generalis Polished
SS0070   Conus Geographus
SS0562   Conus Glaucus, Gray Cone
SP0001   Conus Gloriamaris
SP67   Conus Gloriamaris 71-77mm
SS0076   Conus Imperialus
SP30   Conus Janus 60mm
SP62   Conus Kinoshitai 66.2mm
SP59   Conus Kinoshitai 66.6mm
SS0065   Conus Leopardus
NL0225   Conus Litteratus
SS0075   Conus Litteratus
SS0521   Conus Lividus
SS0074   Conus Magus
NL0226   Conus Marmoreus
SS0087   Conus Marmoreus-Marble Cone
SS0073   Conus Miles-Soldier Cone
SP330   Conus Neptunus
SS0089   Conus Omara-Feather Cone
SS0323   Conus Polyglotta
SS0064   Conus Quercinus-Oak Cone
SS0566   Conus Sponsalis
SS0069   Conus Striate
NL0227   Conus Striatus
SS0328   Conus Tesselatus
SS0068   Conus Textile
SS0461   Conus Timorensis 1-1.25"
SP75   Conus Tribblei 45.2mm
SS0066   Conus Vexillium
CT0052   Conus Vexillium Carved
SS0072   Conus Virgo-Virgin Cone
SP40   Conus Zeylanicus 47.6mm
SS0661   Coquina Violet and White By Kilo
SS0651   Coquina Violet W/ Tan Back
Coral-82   Coral 11x9
Coral-83   Coral 12x11
Coral-81   Coral 12x8
Coral-94   Coral 13X13
Coral-95   Coral 15"
Coral-86   Coral 3pc Lot
JewelrySale11   coral Bracelets
SALE-80   Coral Bracelets
Coral-91   Coral Lot of 3
SN0367-18   Cord Necklace
Coral-22   Corduroy Coral 12x8
SS0427   Coronate Nassa
NL0237   Cowry Assorted Etched Fish
NL0203   Cowry Carved Fish
NL0202   Cowry Carved Palm
NC2004   Cowry Coaster
NL0239   Cowry Etched Flamingo Under Palm
NC2006   Cowry Mat 6 inch Round
NC2008   Cowry Mat - 8 inch
NC4005   Cowry Mat Scallop Design
NC2015   Cowry Mat- 8 inch Solid Octogon
SW1779   Cross Top Driftwood Colored Placuna
SS0407   Crow Dot Natural
SS0768   Crown Of Thorns Starfish
SP4   Crpraea Friendi 86mm
CR6107   Crucifix Made with Pecten Radula and Raffia
CR6100-B   Crucifix On Base All White Shells
CR6105   Crucifix W/ Pecten Radula
CR6112   Crucifix With Natural Shells
NL0337   Currituck Etched Lighthouse
CT0017   Currituck Lighthouse Etched Tiger cowry
SS0150   Cymatium Caudatum
SS0039   Cymatium Lotorium
SS0038   Cymatium Perryi
SS0112   Cymatium Pileare-Hairy Triton
SS0104   Cymatium Pyrum
SS0040   Cymatium Tritonis
SS0201   Cypraea Zebra AKA Measled Cowry
SP620   Cypraea Albata Beddome 23.7 mm
SP623   Cypraea Albuginosa Gray 18.9mm
SP114   Cypraea Amphithales Beached

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