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WW1112   Genuine Oyster Shell Wreath 14"
ST5002   Genuine Shark teeth
GeorgiaSpoon   Georgia Flag Spoon
SP057   Giant Philippine Cockle
AlbinoCockle-   Giant Albino Philippine Cockle
NL0222   Giant Land Snail Buffed
SS0240   Giant Red Starfish 12"
Sale-Glass-Ball-Feeder   Glass Ball W- Hummingbird Feeder
SN8056   Glass Dog With Babies
GL0036   Glass Frog on Garden Stake-Assorted
SN8057   Glass Gator With Eggs and Babies
SN8054-S   Glass Shark
SS0524   Glycymeris Halves
LP23   God Co-Pilot License Plate
SS0210   Gold Mouth Turbo Center Cut
Jewelry16   Gold Plated Sail Boat Charm
Jewelry17   Gold Plated Shell Charm
SS0997   Golden Cay Cay
SS0657   Golden Clam Halves
BC2187   Green Bird W/ Babies Bamboo Chime 30cm
SS0399   Green Cat Eye
SS0399-L   Green Cat Eye
JewelrySale16   Green Chip Set
SS0514   Green Freshwater Landsnail
HS6100   Green Raffia Hula Skirt Teen 28X26"
SS0442   Green Sea Urchin
SS0618   Green Turbo Basket with Flat Bottom
CP2000   Green Turbo Coin Purse
SS0098-DC   Green Turbo Dotted Cuts Large
SS0404   Green Turbo W/ Stripe-Turbo Argyrostomus -
SS0139   Guildfordia Yoka
SP144   Guildfordia Yoka w/ Operculum
SS0625   H. Roissya Black and White Land Snail
SS0225   Haliotis Asiana (Mule Ear) Pearled
SS0224   Haliotis Asiana-Mule Ear Abalone
SS0850   Haliotis Laevigata Pearled
SS0823   Haliotis Ovina
SS0606   Haliotis Ovina - Natural Abalone
SS0850-D   Haliotis Pearled & Dyed
SS0268   Haliotis Planata Abalone
SS0413   Haliotis Pulcherina Pairs Pearled
DW4000   Hanging Driftwood Frame 5x7 opening
WW0105   Hanging Sea Shell Garland w/ Raffia
SaleTurtle   Hanging Turtle
NL0234   Harpa
SS0054   Harpa Articularis
SS0036   Harpa Major
SP83   Harpulina Arausiaca
SW1780   Hat Top Driftwood Colored Placuna
SW1782   Hat Top Driftwood Natural Placuna Spiral
NL0331   Hatteras Lighthouse Etched
CT0019   Hatteras Lighthouse Etched Tiger Cowry
LP100   Heartbeat of America License Plate
SN1205   Heishi With 7/8" Shark Tooth Necklace
SS0246   Helicostyla Chrysalidiformis-Landsnail
SS0640   Helicostyla Florida Landsnail
SS0486   Helicostyla Lamarkiana
SS0458   Helicostyla Rufogaster
SS0269   Helicostyla Tiger
SS0337   Hemifusus Conchilidium
NL0304   Hemifusus Conchilidum Night Light
SS0248   Hemifusus Pugilina
SS0770   Hemifusus Pugilina - Vole Shell
SS0193   Honey Cowry
SS0153   Horse Conch #2'S
SS0153-9   Horse Conch Northern Gulf 9"
HS5821   Hula Skirt Natural Raffia - 18X14"
SP133   Hydatina Physis
LP9   I Love America
LP17   I Love Dixie License Plate
SS0321   India Shell Mix - X-Sm-Sm-Med & Lge
SP0245   Indo Landsnail
SN0349   Infinity Turtle Necklace
SS0414-C   Irish Cup 4-4.5"
WW1108   Irish Cup Garland With Raffia
NL0233   Irish Cup Natural Colors Night Light
NL0232   Irish Cup Night Light
CM1111   Irish Cup Ornament
CM1113   Irish Cup Ornament W/Bubbles
SB2120   Irish Cup Shell Pack
WW1202-S   Irish Cup Single Drop Wall Hanging
WW1215-S   Irish Flat With White Finger Star - Single Drop
SS0434   Irish Flats
SS0692   Jade Turbo Banded
SS0691-P   Jade Turbo Pearled
SS0690   Jade Turbo Polished Green
SS0412   Japanese Land Snail
LP21   Jesus Christ Is the Answer License Plate
LP10   Jesus Heartbeat of the world
LP19   Jesus Saves License Plate
LP20   Jesus Saves License Plate
SS0178-JUMBO   Jumbo Money Cowrys 1-1/8"
HH2152   Kitty Cat Hermit Crab Hut Assorted
SS0202   Knobby Cerithium
SS0202-C   Knobby Cerithium Center Cut
SS0204   Knobby Cerithium Half Cut
NL0840   Korean Abalone Night Light
Lace   Lace Coral 3-5"
SS0219   Lambis Chiragra
SL3512   Lambis Chiragra Lamp
SL3513   Lambis Chiragra Lamp
SS0387   Lambis Crocata -Orange Mouth Lambis
SS0048-HC   Lambis Half Cut
NL0212   Lambis Lambis
SS0049   Lambis Lambis
SS0049-C   Lambis Lambis Center Cut
NL0213   Lambis Millipeda
SS0048   Lambis Millipedia
SS0048-C   Lambis Millipedia Center Cut
SS0047   Lambis Scorpio
SS0299   Lambis Troncata
NL0314   Land Turtle Night Light
SS0515   Landsnail Freshwater, Gray
SS0183   Landsnail Yellow
MN6400   Large Chopper
HH2140   Large Coco Hermit Crab Huts Assorted
SB0020   Large Gallon Net bag of World Mix Shells
SS0406   Large Japanese Land Snail High Polished
BC2169-L   Large Pelican Bamboo Chime 30 cm
SB0343   Large Shell Mix in 1 Kilo Bag
SW0147   Large Spiral White Bubble Chime
SP0005   Latiaxis Pagodus
SN0023   Light Puka Necklace
SS0421-Y   Light Yellow Dyed Bubbles
SS0111   Lightening Whelk
SP79   Lima Dalli Pairs Approx 5-7"
CP4000   Limpet Polished Coin Purse
SS0376   Limpets Polished
SS0125   Lioconcha Castrensis - Tent Clam Pairs
SS0641   Lions Paw 1/2 Polished 1/2 Natural
LP1000   Lords Prayer Carved on a Tiger Cowry
LP2000   Lords Prayer Painted Cowry
Sale1   Lot Of 12 Necklaces
SaleCrucifix-   Lot of 2 Crucifix
SaleNL   Lot of 2 Lousiana Crawfish Night Light
SaleOrnaments-   Lot Of 5 Assorted Ornaments
SaleER   Lot Of 6 Earrings
Sale-18   Lot Of 7 Necklace
Sale-21   Lot Of 7 Necklaces
Sale2   Lot of 8 Assorted Necklaces
SS0191   Lutea Cowry
CT0113.   Lynx Cowry Turtlle W/ Assorted Colored Hat & Glasses
SS0014   M.O.P 4" Halves
SS0698   Macabebe Clam Dyed Pearled Pairs
SS0697   Macabebe Clam Pearled Pairs
Mako-Teeth-1   Mako Shark Teeth Wrapped
Mako-Teeth-2   Mako Teeth Wrapped
SS0095   Malea Pomum-Grinning Tun
NL0292   Manatee Etched Cowry
SS0288-C   Maple Leaf Center Cut
SS0288-D   Maple Leaf Dyed
SP126   Marginella Nebulosa 38mm
SS0200   Marginella Philippinarum-Rice Shell
SS0857   Meg Pie Pearled
SS0838   Melo Amphora 12"
NL0321   Melo Diadema
SS0223   Melo Diadema
SS0007   Melo Melo
NL0254   Melo Melo Night Light
SS0839   Melo Umbilicatus
SS0675   Melongena Melongena Buffed
SS0673   Melongena Myristica Polished
SS0675-N   Melongina Melongina Natural
NL0214   Mexican Cup
SS0043   Mexican Flats
SS0718   Midae Abalone Polished 5-6"
SS0718-B   Midae Abalone Polished 5.5" Blue (Teal)
SS0718-C   Midae Abalone Polished 5.5" Copper
SS0718-G   Midae Abalone Polished 5.5" Green
SS0718-O   Midae Abalone Polished 5.5" Orange
SS0718-P   Midae Abalone Polished 5.5" Pink
SS0718-V   Midae Abalone Polished 5.5" Purple
SS0718-R   Midae Abalone Polished 5.5" Red
SS0718-W   Midae Abalone Polished 5.5" White
SS0718-Y   Midae Abalone Polished 5.5" Yellow
SW0257   Mini Chime
CT0104   Mini Crabs Assorted
SW1775   Mini Driftwood Colored Placuna
SW2385   Mini Dyed Placuna Chime
CT0101   Mini Frog With Moving Eyes
NR2007   Mini Nerite Napkin Rings GREEN ONLY
SS0286-OP   Mini Operculum
SW2457   Mini Orange & Blue Fish Capiz
1027-XS   Mini Pieces Broken Corals
SS0369   Mini Sea Urchin
CT0107-C   Mini Turtle With Colored Hat
SS0804   Minnow Pearled and Dyed Pairs
Mississippi-Magnets   Mississippi Magnets
CoinPurse   Mississippi Nylon Coin Purse
NL0389   Mississippi Painted Tiger Cowry With Lighthouse
LP2   Mississippi State Flag License Plate
SS0141   Miter Stictia
SS0347   Mitra Adusta
SP145-C   Mitra Citrinum Commerical Grade
SS0672   Mitra Formosense
SS0052   Mitra Mitra
SS0052-C   Mitra Mitra Center Cut
SS0053   Mitra Papalis

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