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SS0718-W   Midae Abalone Polished 5.5" White
SS0718-Y   Midae Abalone Polished 5.5" Yellow
SW0257   Mini Chime
CT0104   Mini Crabs Assorted
SW1775   Mini Driftwood Colored Placuna
SW2385   Mini Dyed Placuna Chime
CT0101   Mini Frog With Moving Eyes
NR2007   Mini Nerite Napkin Rings GREEN ONLY
SS0286-OP   Mini Operculum
SW2457   Mini Orange & Blue Fish Capiz
1027-XS   Mini Pieces Broken Corals
SS0369   Mini Sea Urchin
CT0107-C   Mini Turtle With Colored Hat
SS0804   Minnow Pearled and Dyed Pairs
Mississippi-Magnets   Mississippi Magnets
CoinPurse   Mississippi Nylon Coin Purse
NL0389   Mississippi Painted Tiger Cowry With Lighthouse
LP2   Mississippi State Flag License Plate
SS0141   Miter Stictia
SS0347   Mitra Adusta
SP145-C   Mitra Citrinum Commerical Grade
SS0672   Mitra Formosense
SS0052   Mitra Mitra
SS0052-C   Mitra Mitra Center Cut
SS0053   Mitra Papalis
SS0182   Mitra Ragosa
SS0182-C   Mitra Ragosa Center Cut
SS0182-HC   Mitra Ragosa Half Cut
SP500   Mitra Regina
SS0586   Mitra Sangisugum
SS0587   Mitra Sangisugum Brown Spotted
SS0283   Mitra Vexillium
SS0178-XL   Money Cowry Select XL
SS0609   Mongo Shells By Kilo
SALE-1   Mother and Child Figurine
BR0180   Mother Of Pearl Inlay Bangle Bracelets
SN6009   Mother Of Pearl Necklace Assorted
NL0257   Mule Ear Pearled
NL0262   Mule Ear Polished Green
SN2100   Multi Colored Chip
SS0471   Murex Serratospinosus - Serrated murex
SP135   Murex (Vokesimurex) Gallinago
SS0517   Murex Aculeatus
SS0137-#1   Murex Alabaster #1 Quality
SS0138   Murex Alabaster #1 Quality
SS0137   Murex Alabaster Very Good #2's
SS0741   Murex Asianus
SS0513   Murex Axcicornis
SS0513-xl   Murex Axcicornis xl
SS0732   Murex Brevifrons-West Indies Murex
SS0573   Murex Brunneus- Adusta Murex
SP122   Murex Concatus
SP120   Murex Concatus With operculum
SP94   Murex Crocatus
SP0138   Murex Dentifer 3"+
SP137   Murex Dentifer with Operculum
NL0238   Murex Endivia
SS0116   Murex Endivia Large Spines
SS0116-W   Murex Endivia Mostly White LARGE
SS0116-C   Murex Envidia Center Cut
SP0110   Murex Haustellum With Operculum
SP0133   Murex Laciniatus
SS0029   Murex Miyokoae
SS0134   Murex Negrospinosus (black tip murex )
SS0114   Murex Palmarosa
SS0133   Murex Pecten-Venus Comb Murex 2" TO 6"
SS0637   Murex Pomum-Apple Murex
NL0230   Murex Ramosus
SS0368   Murex Ramosus - Rams Murex
SS0010-9   Murex Ramosus 2ND Class
SS0368-4   Murex Ramosus 4"
SS0009   Murex Ramosus 4" TO 10"
SP99   Murex superbus
SS0115   Murex Torrefactus
SS0135   Murex Trappa
SS0056   Murex Troscheli
NL0265   Murex Virgineus Night Light
SS0265   Murex Virginis
SS0528   Murex Zamboi 1.5" +
1036   Mushroom Coral
1036-BR   Mushroom Coral Broken Pieces
SN0430   Nassa & Annulus Necklace
SS0317   Nassa Pyrene Versicolor
SS0213-C   Nassaris Grunneri Center Cut
SN6121   Nassarius Necklace Set of 3
SS0409   Nassarius Persica By Kilo
SS0410   Nassarius Phyrus By Kilo
SS0730   Nassarius Pullus
SS0535-C   Nassarius Reticulata Center Cut
SS0535-S   Nassarius Reticulata Small 3/4 -1"
SS0291   Natica Lineata
SS0338-CD   Natica Mamillia Dyed Center Cut
SS0237-L   Natica Mamillia White
SS0237-K   Natica Mamillia White By The Kilo
SS0580   Natica Oneida
SS0144   Natica Stellata
SS0872   Natica Tigerina By Kilo
SS0270   Natica Vittelus
SS0237   Natica White X-L
Mini-Mix   Natural and Dyed Mini Mix by Kilo
SS0365   Natural Blue Starfish
SS0415   Natural Colored Irish Cup
SS0156-NC   Natural Colors Cardium Cardissa
SS0317-ND   Natural Dyed Nassa-Assorted Colors
SS0551   Natural Knobby Chocolate Chip Starfish
SS0021-H   Natural Nautilus Single Halves
NS2222   Natural Net Shell Pack
SN0018   Natural Sea Shell Necklace on Cord
SB5721   Natural Shell Boxes-5 Designs
SW2188   Natural Shell Cluster Garland
CR6102   Natural Shell Crucifix
NL0228   Natural Tigrina Zig Zag
SS0384   Natural Turbo Chrysostomus-Goldmouth
SS0554   Natural Violet Tellin Pairs
SN0707   Necklace W/Great White Replica Shark Tooth
SS0769   Neon Bright Colored Shells
SW1801   Neon Capiz & Butai Top Chine 8x12
SN0352   Neon Heishi Necklace
SS0877   Nerita Bleeding Teeth
SS0181   Nerita Communis
SS0713   Nerita Dubia
SS0556   Nerita Exuvia
SS0644   Nerita Natural With Stripe
SS0492   Nerita Plicata
SS0533   Nerita Polita
SS0358   Nerita Undata-By kilo
SS0181-C   Nerite Communis Natural Colors
ND0012   Night Light Display
SS0314-D   Nut Meg Dyed Assorted Colors
SS0898   Nut Meg Painted W/ Stripe
SS0314-C   NutMeg Center cut
SalePurpleGlitter   Nutmeg W/ Purple & Teal Glitter
SS0041   Nylon Shell
SS0498   Obba Bigonia
SS0433   Oblong Yellow Landsnail
CT0016   Ocracoke Etched Lighthouse on Tiger Cowry
SS0526   Oliva Bulbosa
SS0177   Oliva Lignaria -Pink Olive
SS0167   Oliva Miniacea
SS0525   Oliva Mustelina
SS0506   Oliva Oliva
SS0506-XS   Oliva Oliva X-Small
SS0772   Oliva Porphyria-Tent Olive
SS0516   Oliva Tesselata
SS0527   Oliva Tricolor
SS0911   Oliva Vidua
SS0173   Olive Annulata
SS0168   Olive Reticulata
SS0444   Olives Mixed
SS0271   Olvia Gibbosa
SS0102   Orange Voluta
BC2186   Orange Bird W/ Babies Bamboo Chime 30cm
SS0681   Orange Lions Paw Natural
LP1   Our Loss Will Not Be forgotten License Plate
SP15   Ovula Costellata 37-39mm
SS0092   Ovula Ovum -Egg Cowry
CR6108-S   Oyster Cross 6x10
CR6108-B   Oyster Cross W/ Base
CR6108   Oyster Shell Crucifix
WW5000   Oyster Shell Garland 72"
WW2289   Oyster Wreath 16.5"
CT0001-KW   Painted Assorted Cowry Key West
CT0001-MB   Painted Assorted Cowry Myrtle Beach
CT0001-PC   Painted Assorted Cowry Panama City Beach
SS0999   Painted assorted Designs
CT0001-BX   Painted Biloxi Tiger Cowry
NL0387   Painted Bonnet Biloxi Ms. Lighthouse
BC2126   Painted Dotted Turtle Bamboo Chime 30 cm
BC2191   Painted Dragon Bamboo Chime 30 cm
NL0310   Painted LighthouseTiger Cowry
SS0725-DAMAGED   Painted Rapana
SS0279   Painted Zodiac on Tiger Cowry Assorted
NL0243   Palm Leaf Carved Tiger Cowry
SS0363   Parrot Blowfish
JewelrySale3   Pastel Chip Necklace 16"
SS0716   Paua Ablaone Polished
SS0967   Peace sign Hermit Crab Shell
SS0798-H   Pearl Clam Halves
SS0978   Pearl Paint Babylonia
NL0851   Pearled and Dyed Abalone Assorted
SS0466   Pearled and Dyed Turbo
NL0823   Pearled Haliotis Ovina
NL0850   Pearled Laevigata Abalone
SS0752   Pearled Mussel Halves 10"
SS0810   Pearled Mussel Pairs 6-7"
SS0708-K   Pearled Paint Cerethium By Kilo
CP7000   Pearled Turbo Coin Purse
CM0234   Pecten Angel Ornament
SB8050   Pecten Cracker Basket
SS0431   Pecten Gloriosa
CP4500   Pecten Nobilis Coin Purse
SS0438   Pecten Nobilis Natural Color Halves
SS0438-K   Pecten Nobilis Natural Colors Assorted Sizes
SS0300   Pecten Nobilis Pairs Common Color
SS0439   Pecten Nobilis Pairs Natural Colors
CP3500   Pecten Pallium Coin Purse
NL0251   Pecten Pallium Night Light
SS0121   Pecten Pallium Pairs Natural -Alter Cloth Scallop
SS0969   Pecten Plicate Natural Colors
SS0828   Pecten Pyxidata Cup

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