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BC2123   Plain Bamboo Chime 40 cm
BC3101   Plain Birdhouse Bamboo Chime 30 cm
SS0536-C   Planaxis Center Cut
SS0536   Planaxis Sulcatus
SS0016   Plicate Scallop
POCA-12   Poca Coral 2pc Lot
POCA-7   Poca Coral 2pc Lot
POCA-8   Poca Coral 2pc Lot
POCA-9   Poca Coral 2pc Lot
SS0477   Polinices Didyma -Whale Eye
NL0290   Polished Limpet
SS0627   Polished Meg Pie
SS0325   Polished Mussel Pairs Dyed
SS0735   Polished Oyster Pairs
SS0837-POLISHED   Polished Pen Shell Halves
SS0734   Polished Purple Mussel Pairs
SS0098-P   Polished Silvermouth 2-2.5"
SS0374-PW   Polished Strombus lattisimus
NL0263   Polished Tigerina With Stripe
SS0421-W   Polished White Bubbles by kilo
SS0362   Porcupine Fish
SS0362-2   Porcupine Fish 2 to 3"
SL3600   Porcupine Fish Lamp
PC1   Post Cards
PC15   Post Cards
PC2   Post Cards
PC3   Post Cards
PC5   Post Cards
PC7   Post Cards
LP18   Prayer Changes Things License Plate
MN3400   Predator
SS0345   Purple Clam Halves By Kilo
SS0774   Purple Clam Halves Polished
SS0773   Purple Clam Pairs
SS0380   Purple Clam Polished
CP8000   Purple Clam Polished Coin Purse
SS0317-P   Purple Dyed Nassa Kilo
SS0426   Purple Erones
CP3501   Purple Jewlery Box
NL0256   Purple Scallop
SS0402   Purple Scallop Halves
SS0761   Purple Sea Urchin
SS0684   Purple Tellin Pairs 2-2.5"
SS0084-P   Purple Top Arabica
CP6000   Purple Top Cowry Coin Purse
SS0077-P   Purple Top Tiger Cowry
CT0109   Pyramid Turtles
SS0613   Pyrene Ocellata By the Each select
SS0613-K   Pyrene Ocellata By the Kilo
SS0408   Quahog Polished Clam
NL0223   Rapana
SS0022   Rapana Bulbosa
Sale-RebelTile   Rebel Flag Tile
SM1845   Rectangle Mirror
SS0851   Red Abalone
SS0549-N   Red Abalone Natural
SS0549   Red Abalone Polished
SS0397   Red Cat Eyes Large
CP0165   Red Coconut Gorilla Head
SS0241   Red Jungle Starfish
CM0237   Red Lip Flower Ornament
NL0549   Red Natural Abalone
NL0297   Religious Carved Cowry
LP22   Retired License Plate
SS0018   Right Hand Whelks
SS0192-P   Ring Top Cowry Purple Top
SS0192   RingTop Cowry Cypraea Annulus
WA6135   Root Face Carving
WW2125   Rope Garland W/ Pearled Shells & Pecten
SW2124   Rope Garland W/ Shells & Starfish
SS0642   Rose Cup Pieces
SS0694   Rose Tellin
BC2137   Round Birdhouse Bamboo Chime 40 cm
SM1645   Round Mirror
SS0217   Round Sandollars
SS0236   Ryssota Ovum- Giant Landsnail
SW0726   Saddle Oyster Chime
SW0728   Saddle Oyster Chime 5" Placuna Top
SW1108   Saddle Oyster Chime Rattan Top
SW1107   Saddle Oyster Design W/ Holes
SW0711   Saddle Oyster Overlap Design
SW0713   Saddle Oyster Strip Design
SW0712   Saddle Oyster Strips Overlap Design
SS0552   SALE White Knobby Choc. Chip Starfish
SS0359   Saw Starfish
SS0468   Scallop Massacar
SS0491   Script Venus Clam
SS0152   Sea Beans 1-1.5"
SS0159   Sea Beans, Brown Hamburger
SS0230   Sea Cookie
SF6049   Sea Fans
NK0055   Sea Net Remnant
SS0239   Sea Sponge Natural
SL0455   Sea Urchin Lamp
SL0453   Sea Urchin Lamp W/ Bulb And Cord
SS0264   Sea Urchin Spines
SS0447   Sea Urchin With Thick Spines
SS0233   Sea Urchins Natural Pink
CT0002   Sealife Designs Assorted Carved on Tiger Cowry
SALE-PURSECLUTCH2   Set/2 Nested Woven Straw Clutch W/Zipper
ST5004   Shark Teeth - Tiger Shark Teeth
ST6001   Shark Teeth Wrapped
ST6002   Shark Teeth Wrapped
SN0358   Shark tooth Necklace Assorted Designs
SN1364   Shark Tooth On Black Cord
SB0006   Shell Basket 6"
SB3000   Shell Boxes Set of 2 White
SB5708   Shell Boxes, Set of 3
SB3100   Shell Boxes-White Astd
WC2202   Shell Chime 11x36
ER2114   Shell Chip & Assorted color Bead Earrings
ER1500   Shell Earrings
SB5709   Shell Jewelry Box Set of Three
WA1100   Shell Novelty Magnets
SB0014   Shell Pack 14"
SB0010   Shell Pack Assortment in Basket 8" $2.00 10" $3.50
SB2110   Shell Pack With Red Starfish
SN5561   Shell Pelican
SALEPHOTOFRAME   Shell Photo Frame
toothpickset   Shell toothpick set
GL3000   Shell Vase
SB0160   Shells in A Bottle
Jewelry14   Silver assorted Bracelets 7"
Jewelry4   Silver Bee Pin
Jewelry3   Silver Cat Pin
Jewelry10   Silver Childs Bracelet 5"
Jewelry9   Silver Childs Necklace 12"
Jewelry19   Silver coctail Charm
Jewelry2   Silver dog Pin
Jewelry12   Silver Flip Flop charm
Jewelry15   Silver Flip Flop Charm
Jewelry1   Silver Frog Pin
Jewelry11   Silver palm tree charm
Jewelry7   Silver Star Necklaces Pendant
SS0432   Silvermouth Turbo Pearled
SB3102   Six Assorted Shell Boxes
1033   Slipper Coral
SS0935   Slit Shell-Hirasei
DS4001   SMALL Black Plastic Easel
MN2500   Small Chopper
SS0995   Small Hermit Crab Shells Assorted Designs
MN2177   Small Metal Fish On Garden Stake-Assorted
LP8   Smile you're On Radar License Plate
SS0508   SnipesBill Murex
SW2551   Spiral Blue Fish Capiz Chime
CS0025   Spiral Chula Chime
SW0618   Spiral Chula Chime
SW0616   Spiral Chula Windchime
SW0146   Spiral White Bubble Chime
SW0534   Spiral White Vertagus 6 x 24
SS0123   Spirula Spirula
SS0021-6   Split Natural Nautilus 6-7
SS0127   Spondylus Attached to Shell Assorted
SS0216   Spondylus Cluster
SS0044   Spondylus Double
SS0253   Spondylus Imperialis
SS0046   Spondylus Pairs Assorted
SS0615   Spondylus Regius
SS0045   Spondylus Senesis
SS0239-CM   Sponges Cleaned
BK3501   Spotted Green Frog Bank
SS0031   Spotted Tonna - Dolium
SW0148   Sprial Bubble Wind Chime
BR0199   Spring Wire Shell Chip Bracelet
Coral-79   Staghorn Coral 12x12
HH2153   Strawberry Girl Hermit Crab Hut
SS0853   Strawberry Top
SS0744   Strombus Aratrum
SS0209-HC   Strombus Auris Diane Half Cut
SS0103   Strombus Aurisdiane
SS0209   Strombus Aurisdiane Center Cut
SS0147   Strombus Bulla
SS0100   Strombus Canarium
SS0100-HC   Strombus Canarium Half Cut
SS0194   Strombus Canarium Half Cut
SS0100-C   Strombus Canarium Natural Center Cut
SS0100-WC   Strombus Canarium White Center Cut
CM0235   Strombus Flower Ornament
SS0603-B   Strombus Gibbirilus Brown
DW2301   Strombus Hanging Seahorse
SS0313   Strombus Lahuanus Half Cut
SS0301   Strombus Lahuanus Triangle Cut
SS0319   Strombus Lahuanus V Cut By Kilo
SS0374   Strombus Latissimus Natural
SS0374-S   Strombus Lattisimus Small Natural
SS0099   Strombus Lentiginosus-Silverlip Strombus
SS0795   Strombus Listeri
SS0795-L   Strombus Listeri W/ Operculum
SS0374-LS   Strombus Litissimus Large Select
SS0090-CK   Strombus Luhanus Cut Lip By Kilo
Ss0090-N   Strombus Luhuanus -strawberry Strombus Natural
SS0090-P   Strombus Luhuanus -strawberry Strombus-Polished
SS0096   Strombus Luhuanus 3/4 Cut
SS0507   Strombus Luhuanus Assorted Cuts
SS0212   Strombus Luhuanus Center Cut
Sale-Luhuanuscut   Strombus Luhuanus cut
SS0503   Strombus Luhuanus Cut
SS0505   Strombus Luhuanus Lily Cut
SS0496   Strombus Luhuanus Swirl Cut
SS0648   Strombus Mutabilis - Pink Chula

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