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(Total Of Merchandise)
Reorders $125

"SALE" White Starfish Finger Shell Boxes-White Astd White Shell Crucifix With Center Star
Our Price: $1.40
Our Price: $7.50
wholesale white finger starfish for sale
Sale On 500 Pcs + & 1000 Pcs+
Sizes 2" 3" 4" & 5" ONLY
2" - 3" .25/500 .22/1000
3" - 4" .28/500 .25/1000
4" - 5" .32/500 .30/1000
5" - 6" .38/500 .35/1000

Available In:

  • 1-2 inch, ACTUAL SIZE FOR 1"-2" IS MORE LIKE 2"+, NOT 1" sold in 100's
  • 2-3 inch sold in 100's Sold in LOTS OF 100 PIECES
  • 3-4 inch sold in 100's Sold in LOTS OF 100 PIECES
  • 4-5 inch sold and Packed in 100 pcs Sold in LOTS OF 100 PIECES
  • 5-6 inch sold and packed 50 pieces in LOTS OF 50 PIECES
  • 6-7 inch sold and Packed in 50 pcs Sold in LOTS OF 50 PIECES
  • 7-8 inch sold and packed in 25 Pcs Sold in LOTS OF 25 PIECES
  • 8 inch
  • 9 inch
  • 10 -12inch
  • 12-14 inch
  • 14 inch & up

6 assorted White Shell Boxes
minimum order 12 pieces
OVAL  4X2.5”
HEART 3.5”X3.5”
White Shell Crucifix With Center Star
16 x 12 "
SALE White Knobby Choc. Chip Starfish Oyster Shell Wreath White Shell Wreath 14 Inch
Our Price: $8.50
Sale On 500 Pcs + & 1000 pcs +
Sizes 2" 3" & 4" Only

2" .18/500 .15/1000
3" .24/500 .21/1000
4".38/500 .35/1000

White Knobby Choc. Chip Starfish Available Im : 1 inch sold in 100's 2 inch sold in 100's 3 inch sold in 50's 4 inch sold in 25's 5 inch sold in 25's 6 inch sold in 25's 7 inch sold in 12's
Oyster Shell Wreath
14 Inch
16 Inch
White Shell Wreath
14 Inch

Wholesale Sea Shells & Gifts

Joyce's Shells & Gifts is one of the leading wholesale dealers of finest quality of shells, coral, shells gifts, and souvenir items from all over the world. We have a large collection of seashells for beach decor, craft projects that are great for stores and individuals. Some of our most popular products include painted shells, commercial shells, starfish, coconut carvings, shell jewelry, hula skirts, windchimes and bags of shell mix. Whether you are planning a beach themed party or just want to create seashell crafts, we have everything you would need and more. If you are looking for home decor items such as candle holders, picture frames, or curtains to create a nautical feel at your house, you have come to the right place to buy some beautiful seashell decorations. As a store owner, one of the must have shell gifts in your shop are the Bamboo windchimes.They are a very popular display items and sell fast. Our selection of seashell jewelry boxes are great gifts for your loved one.

At Joyce’s Shells & Gifts, you can be assured that you are getting the best value and quality on all the products. We are wholesale providers of sea shells and require a minimum initial order of $150 and reorders of $100. We offer bulk buying discounts, which means the more you buy from us, the more money you would be saving. We want our customers to have the best shopping experience and come to us for all their sea shell needs. You can buy online on our website, call us at 228-467-2690228-467-2690 or email us your order. Stop by and say hi to us at our showroom located in Bay St. Louis, on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and at one of trade shows where we are exhibiting.