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Bulk Sea Life Creatures

At Joyce’s Shells & Gifts, we have a huge collection of decorative sea life to add to inventory or for decoration. Sea beans are a fun, cheap knick-knack to take home from a trip to the ocean. Sand dollars, also called sea cookies, are small, flat sea urchins that can serve the same purpose but with a more decorative touch. You can also find giant barnacles and natural sponges to let your customers take a piece of the ocean home without taking anything living out of its natural habitat. Looking for porcupine fish? We have them in sizes from 1” and up. We offer all of these sea life products at fantastic prices and offer bulk discounts too. If you have any questions about our stock of sea life or any other sea shell products, feel free to call us at 228-467-2690, or send us an email. If you want to chat in person, come find us at a trade show or call for appointment to visit our showroom in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.