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Wholesale Commercial Seashells

Joyce’s Shells & Gifts has a huge selection of commercial shells including bivalves shells, turbo shells, tonna shells, and many other variety of commercial shells. For serious shell collectors and stores that are planning to sell seashells, we have the best seashells available for sale online. Nautilus shells are very popular as centerpieces for weddings and beach-themed events. Murex shells are known for their fantastic spines and sheer mass and clam shells are popular bivalve shells that are found in many shapes and sizes. The sea shells makes great gifts and are perfect for craft project. You will find that our prices are highly competitive and that we offer bulk buying discounts to all our customers. We are a wholesale seller and require a minimum $100 initial order. All the products are available for purchase online, at our show room & warehouse and at any of the trade show exhibits. We cater to beach stores, souvenir and gifts shops & other businesses. Feel free to call at 228-467-2690 or email us to find out more about our products.